This privacy policy applies to the information that is collected when you use or any of its subdomains. It describes how the owner of this website, Alexander Overvoorde, collects, uses and shares information about you.


This website collects analytics about visitors using a self-hosted instance of Matomo (, formerly known as Piwik. It records which pages you visit, what type of device and browser you use, how long you view a given page and where you came from. This information is anonymized by only recording the first two bytes of your IP address (e.g. These anonymized logs are stored for an indefinite amount of time.

These analytics are used for the purpose of tracking how content on the website is consumed, how many people visit the website in general, and which other websites link here. This makes it easier to engage with the community and determine which areas of the website should be improved, for example if extra time should be spent on facilitating mobile reading.

This data is not shared with third parties.


This website uses a third-party advertisement server that may use cookies to track activities on the website to measure engagement with advertisements.


Each chapter includes a comment section at the end that is provided by the third-party Disqus service. This service collects identity data to facilitate the reading and submission of comments, and aggregate usage information to improve their service.

The full privacy policy of this third-party service can be found at